2013 Annual meeting

Lectern Session 567: Outcomes for 18-Year-Old Drivers Following Implementation of Graduated Driver Licensing

Presentation Presenter
Introductory Remarks Slides Robert Foss
Did Graduated Driver Licensing Increase the Number of Newly Licensed 18-Year-Old Drivers in North Carolina? Slides Robert Foss
Teen Driver Trip Characteristics Before and After Graduated Driver Licensing Slides Laura Sandt
Crash Rates of Teens Delaying Licensure Compared with Those Not Delaying LicensureSlides Eric Chapman & Scott Masten
Graduated Driver Licensing and Fatal Crashes Among 18-Year-Old Drivers in Georgia: Is There a Relationship? Slides Nancy Thompson
Delayed Licensure and Reasons for Delay Among 18- to 20-Year-Olds: National Survey  Slides Brian Tefft
Delaying the Inevitable? Effect of Graduated Driver Licensing on 18-Year-Old Drivers in Florida, Michigan, and Maryland slides

Johnathon Ehsani