2010 Mid-year meeting

Measuring Young Driver Exposure

Presentation Presenter
Challenges of Technology-Based Measures of Exposure in Teenage Drivers Slides C. Raymond Bingham
Measuring Teen Driving Exposure in Michigan Slides Johnathon P. Ehsani
Tracking Down Teens to Track Their Driving Slides Summary Arthur Goodwin
All You Need to Know About Teen Driving Exposure Slides Jim Hedlund
Vehicle Miles Traveled in the Naturalistic Teen Driving Study: Evaluation of Passenger Presence Slides Summary Charlie Klauer
Exposure Data and Highway Design and Operations Issues for Teen Drivers Summary Neil Lerner
Teens Driving and Risk Exposure Based on Data from the Green Box Slides Summary Tsippy Lotan
Teen Driver Travel Patterns Based on National Household Travel Survey and In-Vehicle Monitoring Devices Slides Summary Anne T. McCartt
A Few Thoughts on the Challenges of Measuring Exposure Slides Summary Dan McGehee
Teenage Driving Patterns in North Carolina: Pre- and Post-GDL Slides Summary Laura Sandt
Teen Driving Exposure: Basic Approaches Summary Jean T. Shope
What's the Best Way to Reduce Teen Injuries/Fatalities? Summary Jean T. Shope
Crashes, Near Crashes and Risky Driving among Teenage Drivers: A Naturalistic Study Slides Summary Bruce Simons-Morton
Effects of Financial Factors on Exposure and Crashes: Public Transport Pass and Recession Slides Summary Divera Twisk