2009 Mid-year meeting

Effect of Passengers on Teenage Drivers: What Do We Know, What Do We Need to Know?

Presentation Presenter
Adolescent Development, Social Influence, and Interpersonal Interactions (PDF, 234 KB) C. Raymond Bingham
Effects of Teen Passengers on Risky Behavior (PDF, 135 KB) Keli Braitman
Induced Exposure (PDF, 301 KB) Neil K. Chaudhary
Effect of Adding a Passenger Restriction to an Existing GDL System (PDF, 127 KB) Robert Foss
Self-Reported Passenger and Driver Exposure in the National Household Travel Survey (PDF, 169 KB) Mark Freedman
Naturalistic Teen Driving Study (PDF, 301 KB) Charlie Klauer
Methods for Evaluating Passenger Effects (PDF, 1.96 MB) Suzie Lee
Why a Traffic Observational Approach for Teen Passenger Study? (PDF, 357 KB) Neil Lerner
Crash Risk of Teen Passengers on Teen Drivers: Synthesis (PDF, 198 KB) Anne T. McCartt
Effect of Teen Passengers and Drivers on Crash Risk (PDF, 21 KB) Jim McKnight
Effect of Passenger GDL Restrictions on Crash Risk (PDF, 24 KB) Jim McKnight
Peer Influences on Teenagers' Driving Performance: What Do Teenagers Have to Say? (PDF, 345 KB) Marie-Claude Ouimet
Using the U.S. National Household Travel Survey to Estimate the Impact of Passenger Characteristics on Young Drivers' Relative Risk of Fatal Crash Involvement (PDF, 144 KB) Marie-Claude Ouimet
Naturalistic Teenage Driving Study Kinematic Data By Passenger (PDF, 324 KB) Bruce Simons-Morton
Effects of Checkpoints on Teenage Driving with Teenage Passengers (PDF, 302 KB) Jennifer Zakrajsek