2014 Mid-year meeting, July 14-15, Woods Hole, MA:

Young Driver Research Needs: Systematic Reviews of Research on Key Topics & Developing a Research Agenda for the Near Future

Agenda and presentations

2013 Mid-year meeting, June 27-28, Woods Hole, MA:

Young drivers and their passengers: Recent developments and future research needs

Agenda and presentations

2012 Mid-year meeting, June 20-21, Woods Hole, MA:

Measuring Readiness to Drive (Safely): Testing and Assessment Techniques for Young Drivers

Agenda and presentations

2011 Mid-year meeting, August 23-24, Woods Hole, MA:

The Role of Theory in Young Driver Research

Agenda and presentations

2010 Mid-year meeting, July 15-16, Woods Hole, MA:

Measuring Young Driver Exposure

Agenda and presentations

2009 Mid-year meeting, July 13-14, Washington, DC:

Effect of Passengers on Teenage Drivers: What Do We Know, What Do We Need to Know?

Agenda and presentations

2008 Mid-year Meeting, July 28-29, Woods Hole, MA:

Identifying the Most Urgenly Needed Research on Young Drivers


Report: Future Directions for Research on Motor Vehicle Crashes and Injuries Involving Teenage Drivers (download pdf)