Subcommittee's Objectives

Young Driver

The Transportation Research Board Subcommittee on Young Drivers was created in 2005. The goal of the subcommittee is to stimulate discussion of cutting edge scientific questions about young driver behaviors, risks, and conceptually sound approaches to reducing crash risk among teenage drivers.

The subcommittee has developed a research agenda to stimulate the conduct of, and to encourage funding for, research to address these most pressing questions. These are summarized in a document that can be found here.

There are five main areas in which the highest quality research is desperately needed:

  1. Determine what is learned in the first 6-18 months of driving that reduces crash rates so dramatically.
  2. Develop and implement high quality measures of young driver exposure so that crash risk can be better understood.
  3. Understand how passengers influence crash risk
  4. Examine the many ways in which parents influence young drivers
  5. Establish a stronger scientific foundation for efforts to address young drivers, by evaluating popular programs that have not been properly tested for efficacy and developing new interventions based on solid scientific understanding rather than simple common sense beliefs.

Subcommittee News